Visual / Experience Designer    |    Geoffrey King Associates 2015 - 2017 
Geoffrey King Associates is a small business focusing on the development of a new e-commerce platform. From 2015-2017, I contributed to various aspects of the project, 1. Future visual design concepts in Photoshop and Illustrator; 2. Future business planning, marketing concepts, and research; 3. Front end visual theme development (Bootstrap, html, css.) 4. Consulting on current stage of development with usability analysis, testing & feedback, flow visualizations, scenarios, and personas. *Details PDF available upon request. 

Contract Graphic Designer    |    First Class Flyer 2013-2014
First Class Flyer / Bennett Reports is an exclusive publication on the airline industry, striving to maintain a high-end print look, despite their transition from print to digital. I was hired to help revitalize the identity, and re-design past articles into a new high-end minimalist look; each as a custom designed PDF. My UX/UI skills broadened my role, to assisting with preliminary design concepts for the web-based magazine/article database. In Illustrator, I created visual design concepts for web-based articles, main site page layouts; minimalist UI elements, charts, infographics, UX concepts for searching and filtering in the article database, etc. *Details PDF available upon request. 

Freelance Graphic Designer    |    Independent Contracts    2010 - Present
I have worked independently for individuals, businesses, organizations, and other design firms. Due to my diverse skill-set, I have had the opportunity to work in various areas of the design industry. Client work included: logos, brandings, packaging concepts, print marketing materials, web design, user experience, page layouts for editorial, etc. 

Graphic Design Intern   |    Informatics Studio     Mar - Aug 2010
Informatics Studio is a web & print firm serving nonprofit and government organizations. I worked independently under art direction on various size projects and was responsible for smaller visual print projects, & corresponding with the client. Types of projects included: visual designs for web and flash presentations, print and branding, photo editing & re-touching, marketing graphics for local non-profits, web information architecture, wireframing, functionality prototyping, research and content planning. 

Design Intern    |    Brand New Marketing & Design     Jun-Aug ‘08;   Jan-Jul ‘09 
Packaging & presentation renderings for a new toy line: package graphics for 3 brand looks, renderings & retail display “plan-o-gram” for proposal to a global distributor; pre-production press-ready die-line mechanicals. Comprehensive branding for a corporate startup & product launch : business cards, stationary, pocket folder, brochure, product information sheets, corporate identity manual (all from concept to press). Visual design concept for e-commerce site, implemented by an external vendor. Apparel concepts and marketing collateral for a notable sports team. 

Former caregiver for disabled & terminally ill relative. 2015 - Spring 2017
I was a caregiver for a wheelchair-bound relative, through every stage of the terminal illness. The knowledge gained from this experience is vast and life-changing. It gave me a huge insight into accessibility & usability, as well as the medical industry, healthcare technology and the everyday needs of a person who is disabled or terminally ill. This knowledge can be applied to the areas of accessible interfaces, information design, products, & environments, cutting edge technologies for physical disabilities; systems & services design in the healthcare industry, etc. *Details PDF available upon request.

Online Course Design: Currently creating an educational Youtube series for new caregivers 
Starting in May 2017, in my spare time I am creating a free online course on Youtube for new caregivers, mainly focused on wheelchair-bound terminally ill patients. I am currently in the planning phase: Chapter outlines, writing narration content, filming footage, collecting online resources, etc. It will be similar to educational training videos, with combined footage, slides, screen-captures, and downloadable documents.

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