BFA in Industrial Design     Rochester Institute of Technology  ’04 - ‘09
My Bachelors degree in Industrial Design included both traditional consumer product design (usability prototyping, material and form aesthetics, manufacturing, etc); as well as new directions for the industry, such as multidisciplinary innovation, design thinking for systems & service design, and conceptualization of future consumer experiences.

AAS in Graphic Design       Rochester Institute of Technology   ‘06 - ‘09
Supplementing my BFA with an Associates in Graphic Design gave me a unique perspective and a well-rounded approach to my work. I was formally trained in graphic aesthetics, minimalist typography, gestalt theory, and conceptual illustration. I also chose to pursue advanced courses involving: complex data visualization, exhibit & signage systems, and interface design.

Independent Learning     ( part time )    ‘10 - ‘12
After completing my formal education at RIT, I have continued my academic training through free online audio & video courses posted by professors from various top universities. Most often, these recordings are of full-semester live courses in university classrooms. I am currently focusing on Psychology and its relationship to design and creativity.

Areas of interest: 
+ Visual Perception, Gestalt, Attention 
+ Memory and Learning 
+ Visual Aesthetic Preference 
+ Creativity, Dreaming Online Software Training
To increase my technical abilities and fluency in industry-standard software, I am a student on, and have completed training in the following:

+ Adobe CS4 (Illustrator, Photoshop, inDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver) 
+ Fluent in Mac, proficient in Windows 
+ Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) 
+ Various 3D modeling tools
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