I have degrees in Graphic & Industrial Design and an interest in Psychology, providing me with a diverse skill set and a solid understanding of user experience. I am interested in pursuing a variety of high-end design projects (Print, UX & Interface, Illustration, Branding, Exhibit, Packaging, etc.) : preferably working in the areas of technology, science, education, & healthcare.

As a freelance designer, I have worked independently for individuals, small businesses, publishers, organizations, and through other design firms. Due to my diverse skill-set, I have had the opportunity to work in various areas of the design industry, and with each new project, I am actively expanding my reach and expertise.

I also had experience as a temporary caregiver for a disabled relative, which gave me a substantial insight into the medical industry, healthcare technology and the everyday needs of a person who is disabled or terminally ill. This knowledge can be applied to the areas of medical product design, patient & caregiver education, accessibility in environments, new technologies for physical disabilities, systems & services design in the healthcare industry, etc.

Current location:
Southeastern United States (Savannah/Charleston)

Contact me by email at:  
stephanieking {dot} designer {at} gmail {dot} com

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